System Integrated Solutions

KAITEQ is specialist OEM total Systems Integrated Solutions provider for Comfortable Mobile Living on board campers, caravans, boats, motorhomes and special vehicles.

Recreational vehicles

Motor yachts

Sailing yachts


Kaiteq provides the ultimate comfort solutions on board. Smart systems to create the perfect balance in life whilst enjoing time with friends and family anywhere your journey brings you.


Well balanced and optimized room air conditioning solutions and refrigeration systems. Complete integration with heating.


Never in the cold when sailing high latitude or just  during a cold overnight stay. And with the same system immediate hot tap water available on demand.


Fresh air is vital for good health. Integrated solutions from Kaiteq guarantee wellbeing on board.


Making your live on board extra comfortable with our smart and innovative solutions for mooring, e-drive propulsion and comfort climate on board.

Recreational Vehicles

Kaiteq is the one-stop-shop total system solutions provider for excellent climate on board any recreational vehicle. Comfort and wellbeing guaranteed with the full service expert integrated solutions. Leave your challenge to us and we will provide your with the best balance of HVAC systems based on our more than 20 years experience in the field.


Well balanced and optimized air conditioning solutions.


Air heater and water heater integrated systems.


Fresh air units for healty and comfortable living on board.


In-built and portable fridge and freezer systems.

Kaiteq Smart Comfort Solutions

Kaiteq brings you comfortable mobile living. Wherever you go, enjoy comfort. Feel the wellbeing with Kaiteq Smart Comfort Solutions.


Enjoy your precious moments of relaxation with our unique portable air conditioner COOL ‘X’. Whether you are on holidays with your tent, caravan or camper. Or working in your comfortable office. The COOL ‘X’ portable air conditioner will offer you comfort during hot summer days anywhere you are.

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JOY self tailing cleat

No more hustle with mooring lines and stress during mooring. The JOY self tailing cleat helps you to easily moore at every place with the unique and  patented electric drive system.

enJOY a safe and smooth mooring with a foot touch. Easy as that!

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Always high quality water available and no more plastic bottles that take up space on board and could pollute our seas. The disinfectant lamp with LED technology turns on automatically when the water tap is opened. A simple water treatment that guarantees disinfected fresh water, free from sediments, chlorine and bad smell.

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Electric propulsion boats

KAITEQ is proud to be OEM and Country Representative of Benelux, Germany, Austria and Switzerland for OceanVolt electric propulsion systems. Join our e-mobility sailing journey towards a zero-emission mobile world.